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 Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I get a ring made from woods other than those available on this site?
    Please email with any suggestions or if you are looking for a special ring you didn't find here. I have received wood from customers who have wanted me to make some rings from the material. Often, the deal includes that I keep the extra material and sometimes, the wood just means a lot to the person and they want to do something special with it.

  • Can I get a Quantity discount?
    Yes. The shopping cart will automatically adjust the price for the quantity of a ring type (SKU) you would like to purchase and the rate chart is listed at the top of the screen. If you would like to purchase more than one kind of ring, you can still get the same quantity discount but your purchase will be arrange a little differently. To obtain the "mix and match" quantity discout, please email me for a Paypal invoice that reflects exactly what you want. The more you buy, the better the discount.

  • Do you make truss covers and backplates? is currently taking custom orders for backplates. There is a new page dedicated to backplates. If you have a back plate that you would like duplicated, you can send the measurements but to be certain, you should send the backplate(s) in for EXACT duplication. You will always receive your original plates back in addition to the new wood ones.

  • Is there a warranty with these rings?
    YES - The warranty is such: you may return any broken set of rings within 7 days from receipt for a one time EXCHANGE of the same type. You may return an undamaged set for a 100% Cash refund less shipping expenses within 7 days from receipt. This policy is simple, fair and not flexible.

  • Can you match the color of the ring to the color of the guitar?
    No. I purchase boards of wood big enough to make several rings from and any given board has a certain look to it which is to say that when I have the rings available, they will all have a more or less consistent appearance in that batch. That said, I do try to get Indian rosewood as dark and consistent as possible. With flame maple, I try to get the maximum amount of figure in the wood and with cocobolo, I go for the color variant when it is available. I am always looking for the best wood possible from which the rings can be made. Exchanges based on color matching will not be granted.

  • Why should I purchase pickup rings from
    I have looked all over the world and I don't believe you will find a better price for the quality of cut, superior material, skilled labor, overall precision, customer service, satisfaction guarantee and just plain availability than your money will buy you right here. Look no further - this is the place!!

"Our rings arrived today, and one look at your exquisite workmanship &
quality I must agree this first run was a substantial bargain."

Jack Camarda
Jarrett Guitars

"Thank you for making an excellent product that
definitely complements my guitar and indeed improves the sustain (which I
was defintely skeptical about)."

Jerry Tomlinson

I just wanted to take the time as one master craftsman to another,to tell you how impressed I was w/ the quality of your work!

Rick Robinson

 We are proud to offer P-90 pickup covers as our Newest Addition to the store!


This is a closeup of a  Nasty CORNER - Hecko in China!!
Brought to you by a popular supply house.
Rushed and unloved.
IS THIS where you want your money to go?

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